Senior School - Co-Curricular

CVAS is committed to providing all students the opportunity to participate in a range of co-curricular activities throughout their Secondary School years. These activities encompass the physical, cultural, spiritual and mental development of a young adult.

The CVAS co-curricular program gives students the opportunity to try their hand at a variety of activities while discovering their own unique passions and interests. These can take place at any time – before school, lunch time, weekends, holidays – and ensure that a CVAS student has memories that equate to more than just the classroom.
To ensure that students have the best opportunities to develop and utilize their musical talents in this highly specialized area, CVAS Music Department runs several programs in addition to the Academic Music Program within the regular curriculum.
Instrumental Lesson Program
Individual instrumental lessons are available on campus during the school day.
Performance Practice Program
Music Concerts are presented at Clarenza Campus every Term. At these Concerts, the School Ensembles perform, and opportunities are given to soloists and small groups to present suitably prepared items in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Other performance opportunities also arise at school functions, Chapel services, assemblies, awards ceremonies, eisteddfods and theatrical events.


The Performing Arts not only enrich personal and spiritual growth, but they have been shown to link with intellectual development and physical co-ordination as well.
Drama is recognized as a means of allowing each student to explore, understand and effectively communicate ideas, feelings and values. Drama assists young people to become more confident presenters and public speakers.
Excursions are run to view live productions in both Brisbane and Sydney.

There is an annual theatre production which is either a play or musical depending on the decision made in that respective year.


As a member of the Clarence Valley community, CVAS encourages students to take part in activities that are of benefit to the area. Students in Years 9 and 10 are able to take part in Rural Fire Service training.
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CVAS is keen to encourage the pursuit and understanding of foreign cultures both within and outside the classroom. A visit by Kamata Girls High School occurred in Term three of 2013 and there are plans to return the favour by visiting Japan in the near future.





CVAS students had the distinction of being involved in completing the arduous Kokoda Trail during the July Holidays. This sort of experience is one that we are keen to continue and will look at making the walk an on-going co-curricular opportunity for our students.





CVAS is a strong supporter of this prestigious worldwide program for young people. This is very popular in the School and runs on Friday afternoons for students in Years 9-12. Students develop their camping craft and navigation skills essential for the expedition section of the Award, during sport time and then put these skills to the test in two bushwalks organised by the school. Students have to pursue three sections of The Award in their own time, Physical Recreation, Skill and Volunteering and they are responsible for logging their own hours on line.  
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