Junior School - Co-Curricular

Every child at CVAS Junior School, from Pre-Kinder to year 6 has 1 lesson of classroom music each week.
·         Pre-Kinder students explore and become familiar with the basic musical concepts of pitch, rhythm and duration through songs, playing percussion instruments.
·         Students in Kindergarten build upon this further by adding experiences with other musical concepts such as structure, tempo,   again within the context of singing and playing percussion instruments.  
·          Students in Year 1 and 2, along with singing, begin to learn to play the recorder, applying their experiences and knowledge of musical concepts to their music making.
·         In Year 3 and 4, students learn string instruments – the violin and guitar – with a specialist string teacher. They also participate in choir and study both classical melodies and folk/rock chords.
·          In Years 5 & 6, students continue to develop their musical skills, as well as learning to play the keyboard as well as instruments studied in previous years.
Outside the classroom students may take the opportunity to learn various instruments in a one-on-one situation with a specialist peripatetic music teacher. Students also have the opportunity to come together in Stage groups for choir. CVAS Junior School students perform at various occasions and events.