Steps To Enrol

1.     An application form is required along with payment of the application fee*.

CVAS Application Form

2.     An appointment is then made for the parent/guardian and student to meet with either the Head of Junior School or the Principal. It is advisable to bring along a copy of the last school report and, if applicable, NAPLAN results. This appointment often coincides with a tour of our facilities.

3.     If a placement is offered an enrolment form will need to be completed. Payment of the enrolment fee* will need to be made when submitting this form. This form must also be accompanied by copies of the last two school reports, a copy of the student’s birth certificate and a copy of their current immunisation schedule.

CVAS Enrolment Pack

4.     A confirmation of enrolment letter will then be issued.

*           Please note the application and enrolment fees are non-refundable. The Schedule of Fees terms and conditions can be found here.


General Information

As an Anglican School, we are committed to ensuring that our School represents a cross-section of society and is not solely a place for those with the means to afford the School fees. The School is committed to making a quality education available to everyone. In all circumstances, recipients of both Scholarships and Bursaries are expected to support the School ethos at all times. This forms part of the agreement signed between the parents and the School.


Clarence Valley Anglican School offers Scholarships to all students, currently enrolled at the School and as well as those wishing to enter the School. All successful scholarship candidates will be awarded a percentage remission of tuition fees for the duration of their secondary education provided they meet required performance standards which will be monitored and assessed at an annual review. The awarding and ongoing honouring of the scholarships will be at the discretion of the Principal. Scholarships are only available to Australian citizens and permanent residents. Scholarships offered by the Clarence Valley Anglican School for 2019 enrolment are listed below.


Scholarships Offered for 2019

Academic Scholarships

Available for students entering Years 7 and 11 in 2019.

General Excellence Scholarships

Available for students entering Years 7 and 11 in 2019.


2018 Application for 2019 Scholarships (click here for application form).


Additional Information - Academic Scholarships

Available for students entering Years 7 and 11 in 2019. Candidates will be selected not only on their testing results. An interview will be conducted and applicants will need to demonstrate outstanding academic endeavour, conduct and citizenship.


Applicants will need to provide a completed CVAS Scholarship Application form, School reports for the last two years; copies of any certificates of achievement; the most recent NAPLAN results; any other supporting documentation of achievements.



Additional Information - General Excellence Scholarships

Available for students entering Years 7 and 11 in 2019. Successful applicants will be selected on excellence in a specific area (such as art, sport and music) and also Endeavour and Citizenship qualities. Selected applicants will be invited to attend an interview with the Principal. General Excellence Scholarship recipients must also continue to meet required standards in both the area of general excellence and academic program.


Applicants will need to provide: a completed CVAS Scholarship Application form; an introductory letter of approximately 300 words, in student’s own handwriting, stating why they would like to attend Clarence Valley Anglican School (if not already enrolled) and why they make a worthy candidate for a Scholarship. Please include all areas involved with and level of commitment per week; School reports for the last two years; copies of any certificates of achievement; the most recent NAPLAN results; a dot-point history of participation in their area of excellence, including level of representation in any particular field eg: Regional, State or National; a reference from a member of an organisation or association that you are currently affiliated with. 





Applications are invited from internal students and students not currently enrolled at the Clarence Valley Anglican School. Every student regardless of the Scholarship they are applying for must sit the Scholarship Examination. Students currently on a scholarship at the Clarence Valley Anglican School may not reapply. 




Registration is open Thursday, 1 March 2018 and closes Tuesday, 3 April 2018. No late applications will be accepted. 2018 Application for 2019 Scholarships (click here for application form).


Application Fee 


An application fee of $35.00 is required to be paid via cash, cheque or EFTPOS upon submitting the Scholarship Application. 


Application Procedure


Students who wish to apply for a scholarship must apply by the closing date and will sit the Scholarship Examination, which will be held at 9:00am on Saturday, 7 April 2018 at the Clarence Valley Anglican School Clarenza Campus. Depending on the type of Scholarship applied for, you will be required to supply additional information along with your Scholarship Application. This must be submitted together with your Scholarship Application by the closing date. 




All students who are wishing to apply for a Scholarship at the Clarence Valley Anglican School in 2018 will be required to sit an examination, which will be held at 9:00am on Saturday, 7 April 2018 at the Clarenza Campus. Please note: All students must sit for the examination on the same date at the Clarence Valley Anglican School. We are unable to accept preferencing for a different date, or sit the examination at an alternative venue or time. Please ensure you have no conflicting work, sporting or social commitments.




The Scholarship candidates will be selected based on the assessment of the following criteria where appropriate:

  • Scholarship examination results
  • Scholarship supporting information
  • Additional examination (eg. music)
  • Demonstrate a genuine interest and commitment in chosen field

Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the School and the School's decision is final.


Value of Scholarships


Scholarships come in the form of part remission of tuition fees. The value of each Scholarship may vary. Scholarships may range in value from 20% to 50% of tuition fees. In some instances, Scholarships of lesser value may be offered. The School reserves the right to withhold a Scholarship (in any Year) if there are no candidates of sufficient merit.


Length and Tenure of Scholarships


Scholarships are subject to an annual review by the School in the light of progress, performance and attitude of the holder. It should be noted, however, that holders of Scholarships could normally expect the Scholarship to continue for the remainder of their education at the School.


Notification of Offer of Scholarship


After the Examination, a short list of applicants will be devised in each of the Years and these applicants will be invited to the School for an interview with the Principal. A letter will notify unsuccessful candidates as soon as possible after all offers have been made.




CVAS Financial Assistance
Assistance is available to families that are in a difficult position by way of a bursary. Forms are available below or by contacting the School. This form and all supporting documentation must be submitted by the 30th September each year for consideration in the approaching year.


Financial Assistance Form




Please click on the following link to view our current Schedule of Fees and Terms and Conditions.


CVAS Schedule of Fees 2018


Bus Info


There are several private bus companies that service the Clarence Valley. Please contact the relevant bus company for their up to date timetable.


               Busways Grafton 6642 2954 www.busways.com.au
               Busways Yamba 6645 8941 www.busways.com.au
               Atwals Buses 6644 5482   
               Ryans Bus Service 6654 1063 www.ryansbusservice.com.au
               Northland Coach & Travel 6643 1212 www.northlandcoaches.com.au




Our uniforms are currently available to purchase through The School Locker located at our Cathedral Campus, 39 Victoria Street, Grafton.


The School Locker



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